April 22nd, 2012


When the PS3 console is powered on:

  1. A green light appears
  2. A yellow light flashes for one second
  3. The console emits 3 short beeps
  4. A red light continues blinking until the console is powered off

Repair Options

Warranty Repair

To determine if your console is still under warranty, call Sony at 800-345-7669 (800-345-SONY). If your console is under warranty, you can send in your PS3 for a free repair. You are responsible for shipping costs. Typically it takes a few weeks for the repair to be completed.

Professional Repair

If your console’s warranty has expired, Sony will still repair your console for approximately $150, plus shipping. The repaired or refurbished PS3 will include a 3-month warranty. There are also a number of console repair shops that advertise PS3 repair services.

Do-it-Yourself Repair

DIY game console repair is possible, but requires some technical finesse.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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